Australasian Cartridge Remanufacturers Association Inc (ACRA)

Benefits of ACRA Membership

There has been substantial growth in the cartridge remanufacturing industry since 1984 when ACRA was formed leading to a professional body to represent the industry. Since 1996, the Australasian Cartridge Remanufacturing Association was formed to continue to fulfil this need.  Since 2001, the memberships has grown to over 230 keen members throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mauritias and Papua New Guinea.

You can become a member by completing the Membership Application Form (Word - right click and save to download)

The Association promotes the betterment of the industry within Australasia, and assists in the industry's recognition. For ACRA to succeed, all companies associated with the remanufacturing industry are encouraged to become members.

Some of the many benefits are:

Professional Recognition:

  • The knowledge that your organization is a member of Australasias only national industry association.
  • Receipt of an ACRA Member Certificate/License issued to every new and renewal member, which can be framed and displayed proudly in your office, proof of your Association membership.
  • The right to utilise the ACRA Logo on business card, letterheads, and promotional material.
  • Ability to purchase ACRA Member Stickers for use on your own remanufactured product.

National Networking:

  • The ACRA Committee has members representing each region of Australasia.
  • An Executive Committee with elected regional representatives, an executive officer, and a chairperson.
  • Regional meetings are held on a quarterly basis in each region with all members invited to attend.
  • Members are welcome to use the ACRA network of services for assistance in any industry matters.

Member Services:

  • Free subscription to The Recycler Trade Magazine;
  • Free subscription to the associations newsletter, 'Keeping You In The Loop'.  This is emailed to members on a monthly basis. This newsletter is a source of industry, supplier, member news and some technical information.
  • 'Keeping You In The Loop' promotes Australasian contributions and concerns.
  • All members are encouraged to submit any interesting articles on industry issues to the Editor.
  • Ongoing support and advice via email from a full time Executive Officer

Member Networking:

  • Ability to contact members for sharing and support.
  • Access to overseas information, trends and expertise which are shared by panel members.
  • Meetings:
  • Guest speakers are organised to address the meetings on industry related topics.
  • Meetings provide an opportunity to raise and debate matters of interest.

Internet Access:

  • ACRA members get a free listing on our Internet Home Page which will provide members with opportunities to increase business through electronic marketing.
  • The internet also assists promoting the Association and facilitating member communications.

Member Discounts:

  • Available for Quality Assurance programmes, the bi-annual ACRA Expo, industry services, RECHARGER trade magazines, etc.

Additional Benefits: A Lobbying Force

  • ACRA provides a united voice for the remanufacturing industry in all countries in the South Pacific rim. 
  • ACRA is developing a formal PR program to help achieve its goals.
  • The Association has already gained a solid reputation with government, media and environmental groups.
MFPs are becoming big news for Remanufacturers Multifunction devices that print, scan, fax and copy are growing in use in the small business and home marketplace.


Sign the Petition to our Parliamentarians

MFPs are becoming big news for Remanufacturers

Multifunction devices that print, scan, fax and copy are growing in use in the small business and home marketplace.

Shipments of inkjet MFPs worldwide was 51,000,000 in 2006 and will grow to about 70,000,000 by 2010.  Colour laser MFPs will account for about 70,000,000 by the year 2010.

CAUTION: Printing May Be Hazardous to Your Health
A report produced by the Queensland University of Technology's Dr Lidia Morawska and Len Teplin from the Queensland Dept of Public Works has suggested that the laser printer could be as great a hazard to your lungs as puffing on a cigarette. 

In a test site office building 62 different printers were investigated, they ranged from CANON, HP COLOR Laserjet, HP Laserjet, RICOH and TOSHIBA.  From results 37 printers were non-emmitters of micrometer particles, 6 were low, 2 were medium and 17 were high emitters.  The models of high emitters were predominately HP and one TOSHIBA printer.

The report goes on to say that many factors should be considered as to why the models mentioned are high emitters. This could be the age of the machine, the model itself, the cartridge used and age of the cartridge.  Interestingly, the older the cartridge it would appear the fewer the emissions.  Yet another very good reason to remanufacture printer cartridges.

HP for its part has acknowledged the report but makes the very good point  that "while we recognise the utlra-fine, fine, and coarse particles are emitted from printing systems, these levels are consistently below recognised occupational exposure limits."

So the normal OH&S issues apply to the remanufacture of cartirdges and the use of the laser printers.

European Patent Office Revokes Canon Patent on Toner
The European Patent Office (EPO) has revoked the Europe-wide toner remanufacturing patent which it originally granted to Canon in 2005.

ETIRA (European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers' Association) showed presented evidence to the EPO Examiners that the Canon patent did not have any innovative component in its claim and therefore was unable to be patented.  For further information on this report consult the Recycler Magazine web site on .

 Printer cartridges can be ridiculously expensive but there are cheaper alternatives, writes Nick Galvin. You can almost feel Kevin Cobley's blood pressure rising when he talks about the cost of inkjet printer cartridges. "I think the whole thing is a scam," he says. "Someone needs to do something about it." read more 

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